Siding With the River

The night started early
As we drove the stretch of road
Poison in one hand
Ready to explode
Familiar faces filled
This city that was new
Sound waves made it to ears
Of a crowd that gradually grew

Sweat mixed with blood
Brains melted to the floor
I stepped outside
Hoping to explore
A man was waiting for me
With a hiccuping grin
He tried his hardest to explain
He’d never seen it more apparent in

Two people that were meant
To spend their lives together
Growing young & old
& taking care of one another
I couldn’t stop questioning
So I went in search of the van
I got in & stole some paper
With a pen in my hand

I started to write a list
Of reasons I wished I were dead
But I couldn’t get the racing thoughts out
As fast as they were in my head
As I finished you unlocked the door
I folded the paper into thirds
You got in & started up the van
I laid back down as we went into reverse